October 28, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dr. Donchez's sermon was interesting today. It was entitled "Chariots of Fire." He spoke of the movie and asked for a show of hands of who had seen it. I did see it but it was long ago. I only remembered it was about two runners and them having a hard time with the Olympic Committee. I didn't remember why. One of the runners was a Christian Missionary and would not run on Sunday. The other Dr Donchez said was Jewish but I thought he was Arab. Anyway, he had to fight against the prejudices of the time. He felt if he could win, he could show them. I'll have to rent or buy the movie to see it again. Dr. Donchez said bought and has seen it many times.

I normally have about 300 children for Trick or Treat. It had rained all morning and cleared up about 1PM. I had only 50 children and now have 250 candy bars left over. Maybe I can give them to the soup kitchen to give away as treats.

Happy Birthday to Danny Boy. We adopted him last year at this time.

I'm going to do some reading and turn in.

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