October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 31, 2007

Well, my goal was to finish the taxes and do the payroll today. Didn't happen. I got most of the taxes done but what a horrendous job. The software did not have a list of employeeds with the weeks worked. The list was in alphabetical order and the list from the state was in Social Security Number order. I had to hunt all over to plug in the numbers. Then, there were new employees who were not on either list. They showed up in the total but ont on the spreadsheet. The total was pulled over from another spreadsheet. What a mess. Then came payroll. At first, I couldn't log onto the payroll software because it said I was already there. Then, the hours did not total correctly and it wouldn't let me get out of the screen. I had a call into the support line but she didn't get back to me until I had to do something else for the month end inventory, i will have to do the payroll tomorrow and hope I am able to do it. It seems no matter what I try to do, there is always an obstacle in the way. Then there is the human resource stuff that keeps coming back to haunt me. I sent a lady her cobra forms and information and she wants something else, now. I was supposed to send her another form and I have no clue what form to send or where it is. I just feel tired out and fear I'm going to look totally incompetant.

Tomorrow, I may have two of Ted's clients calling me for help with their month end stuff. I had a message on my machine when I got home tonight. It is probably a payroll question and I don't know if I can help without Gret Plains in front of me. I may have to refer her to Marty. At least she will be able to get the help she needs.

Danyy and I both had our dinner. I am going to relax, watch some TV, read, walk Danny and go to bed.

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