December 6, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thing have been hectic. Thursday night when the choir went to sing at the Methodist Retirement Home, the choir director told me not to leave my car at the church; he’d come and pick me up. That was fine but after the Service, everyone wanted to go to a restaurant on the way home and eat. I had no choice but to go with them. Everyone driving was going except for Edna who bolted out right after the service before I knew about the restaurant. I didn’t get home and get to bed until midnight. Danny wasn’t able to get out to go so there were 2 messes to clean up. One in the laundry room and one on the sun porch. Poor little guy. He must have wondered where I was.

I had to be up at 5:15 to get ready for work and drop Danny off at the kennel. I forgot to take my medication for the nerve damage from my shingles. Things went wrong at work and really had me flustered. I then got some extreme pain shooting around my ribs and realized I hadn’t taken my pill. Fortunately, I had some with me and took it. I was exhausted Friday, Saturday and today.

Saturday, I had 3 projects to do. One was to finish up with the computer entry so I could take the information to the accountant. That didn’t go well so I went on to project 2, bathing and grooming the dog. I made the water deep so he could soak. He was not a happy camper. I got him bathed and then the fun part came. Drying him off and brushing his fur. He gets frisky and runs around the house. He likes to get dry and he plays with the towel. He don’t mind the hair dryer as he knows it dries him off. He doesn’t like to be trimmed up.
I managed to get some of his mats brushed out. I have to work on him some more. I wanted him to be dry before his next walk. I cleaned up the towels and did some wash. I got my clothiers ready for Sat. night and the rest of the week.

At 5:40, I left for the church. It was the minister’s appreciation dinner and I was looking forward to going. I wondered why the parking lot was so full as I thought I was early. It turns out the dinner was at 4 not 6. I got there after it was over. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. If Ted had been there, he would not have been pleased with me. I was not pleased with myself. Everyone thought I had to work. I should have said yes and they wouldn’t have thought I was such an idiot. They fixed me a plate and gave me a lot of food to take home.

I was still tired this morning. I did my third project, which was cleaning the fish tank. I sang in the choir and made a beeline for the door after the service. I didn’t go out with my friends for lunch. I went home and had a message on my machine. At first, I didn’t understand what was being said, as I didn’t know the caller. Then I realized she said that my good friend Marian Ricci had passed away. I just broke down in tears. I had known Marian for over 20 years. We worked together at the Red Cross. We shared good times and bad. I can’t believe she’s gone. I don’t know what happened to her. She was also a good friend of my cleaning lady so I’ll have to give her a call. She was also the aunt of my accountant. Vineland, even though it is a city, it is also a small town.

I did some work on Ted’ company but I have to do some more. I need some help from the man who took over for Ted and bought the client list. I never closed the year 2006 so I am unable to run the financials.

I’m going to hit the hay and try to get a good nights rest.

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