January 2, 2008

Wednesday, January 2. 2007

I went to Toastmasters tonight. It was good to see everyone. It is a chilly 21 degrees right now. I just got in from walking Danny. He spotted Frosty, a white Siberian Husky, in his front yard. Danny does not like Frosty. I don't know why. Danny barked ferously at him but Frosty is not much of a barker. He just sniffed Danny through the fence. Frost y scared me. I didn't see him in the yard. I thought Danny was carrying on about the cat who is usually there.

The payroll was done and no one was quite sure about year end stuff. The accountant was in today. He was going over the inventory. He doesn't like the software either and he said it was very expensive. He doesn't know why they got it. It is good for heavy manufacturing but not a good accounting program. He liked Great Plains. I guess we have to live with it. I think the horrendous software is a big part of the problems I have with the job.

Anyway, I am off to count some Z's.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

Posted by tedkarol at January 2, 2008 9:54 PM

Hi Karol,

I just wanted to make a comment about paying very close attention to Danny Boy when he barks ferociously. He felt that something was a bit different than ususal perhaps and because he cares so much for you as his master(ess), he may be trying to give you a heads-up when he goes into that barking mode. It is a wake-up call to us sometimes when we get messages to pay even closer attention to our surroundings. We can never become complacement. I don't mean to frighten you Karol, but, I have had to become so much more alert since I must use my walker. I check my surroundings often because I know I can't protect myself as well as I once could. This is just one more little way of showing you how much I care for you and Danny Boy too.

I'm glad the accountant agreed with you about how complicated your software program is. If nothing else, it is a boost for you to know it isn't just you. Along with the difficulty of the software, you had to hit the ground running without much support at all. You are to be admired for sticking with this challenge. And, I'm proud of the way you meet many tough challenges and overcome them. A great lady you are Karol Armstrong.

It is mighty cold here now with the morning temps hovering around 5 to 8 degrees, but, the paper also reports that maybe as soon as this coming Monday, it may be in the 50's here. I'll believe it when I see it. But, I'm sure hoping for that prediction to be true.

Stay nice and warm if you can. Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at January 3, 2008 5:28 PM