January 12, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I had all good intentions of getting things done today. I walked Danny and then got ready to go to the supermarket. I was low on a lot of food items. I bought all my groceries, put them in the trunk, and had trouble with the key sticking in the ignition switch. It would turn and no, the steering wheel was not locked. I went to call a neighbor and my cell phone looked dead. It didn't light up and I thought I had charged it. I went into the store and they let me use the phone. My neighbor wasn't home and I didn't have the phone numbers for any other neighbors. I grabbed the bag of frozen food with the ice cream and set out on foot for home. It's about a mile luckily, as I passed by my church, I saw a car in the parking lot and my church friends helped me. They took me home with the frozen food and I called A1 Towing. They are a former client of Ted's. They would be there in about an hour. My friends took me back to get my groceries out of the trunk and I had left the car keys in the house. Back to the house, they brought me. I could not find the keys anywhere so I got another set. Back to the Acme supermarket we went to get the groceries, bring them home and then back to the Acme to wait for the tow truck. I called the Honda dealer and they thought they might be able to fix it today but the tow truck was delayed and I didn't get there in time. While waiting for the truck, I looked around for a place to get a soda and walked over toward Burger King. I saw where I would have to walk all the way around the building to get in so I went in Boston Market. When I said, I just wanted a Coke. He gave me the cup and said, "Here, it's on the house." It was nice of him.

I had picked up my work cell phone when I went to put the food in the freezer. I clipped it to my jeans at the waist and I felt it buzzing. It's a good thing I didn't leave it in my pocketbook as they were gathering up the carts and I couldn't here it ring. The tow truck was on its way. Blue Velvet was loaded onto the truck and we both were taken to the Honda dealer. From there, the Honda dealer took me home in what I call the Honda Mobile. It's a little Orange Mini Van with Rossi Honda written on it.

When I got home, I found Danny had left me some little presents to clean up on the sun porch. Fortunately, the tile is easy to clean. I walked him and then was too exhausted to get anything on my list done except for putting away the groceries and putting my turkey and sweet potato in the oven. The Acme had some Cranberry Red Slaw so I had a nice dinner. Danny likes sweet potatoes and meat of any kind. I guess he little treat made up for leaving him alone all day.

I arranged with my co-worker who lives across the street to take Danny to the kennel on Monday and me to work. I also call a lady who lives near me to take me to church tomorrow.

I put my cell phone on the charger and it said it was charged. I looked at it and started pressing buttons. Evidently, I had turned it off. I don't remember doing that, as I don't know how. After pressing every button on the phone, it came on. I'll have to get out the book and read about what I had done.

I will walk Danny one more time tonight and then get some rest.

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