January 16, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another failed payroll. It seemed like it went well and then I was entering the taxes on the spreadsheet and I saw where one girl had a check for only one hour overtime. It didn't have her other 40 hours. I had made a correction and it seemed as though it was OK. It turns out you can't make corrections. It was upsetting and discouraging. I hate that software. It is impossible. You can not edit it even if you don't post it. Kim came to my rescue. We had to cut a check for the one hour and another check for the 40 hours.

I went to Toastmaster right after work. We had an executive meeting before the regular meeting. Ocean City was more deserted than is usual for a January evening. There was ablosutly no one moving around the streets. No cars, no people, nothing. It was a good meeting and a couple interesting and entertaining speeches.

I picked up Danny at the Indial Trail. I heard him crying for me in his cage. He was in the house and he was toasty warm. I walked him when I got him home and he is now in bed waiting for me. I am ready to join him.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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