April 1, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I went to our former office building today. The building manager is a friend. I sometimes go there if I need to make copies. Hence the reason for my visit. On the way hope, I stopped by to see my good friend Sonia who used to work with Ted and me. We had a nice visit. I stayed until her husband and her son came home. They are doing well. Jonathan likes his new school. He will be making his First Holy Communion in May.

I will be having an interview with a company that uses Great Plains Software on Friday. I am looking forward to it. I hope it all goes well.

Tonight, I went to the Women's Service Circle. One of our projects is to help the women at the Battered Women's Shelter. We are collecting items for them such as grooming articles, sheets, towels, diapers for their babies, and food. We also decided to give them gift certificates to the supermarket for their groceries. We feel this is a good and worth while project.

I became very tired and went home around 8:30 to walk Danny and get ready for bed.

Posted by tedkarol at April 1, 2008 9:48 PM