April 5, 2008

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I felt my interview went well but it's hard to say. They may want someone more experienced with accounting. On the other hand, it may be offset by my experience with Great Plains. I arrived a few minutes late because I made a couple wrong turns and then I had to wonder around the building trying to find where they were. Like most modern buildings, it was a maze.

I was the first person they interviewed and they have a few more to do. I saw the job posted on Careerbuilder so there might be many applying for it. They will let me know in two weeks.

I walked Danny around my brother's neighborhood and there are several ranch houses for sale that may be affordable but you never know.

The temp outside is 59 degrees but in this house it feels like 80 degrees. I'll have to open up the windows and let the pollen in. I have the ceiling fans going but it's time to put the air conditioners back in the windows. It will surely get cold if I do that.

Our minister, Pastor Bennett passed away. He was the inter-rim pastor but was preaching at our church for two years. He has in his middle 80's and was ready to join his lovely wife, Marge, in heaven. He was a dear, kind gentleman. He conducted Ted's funeral. We will miss him.

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