April 10, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Danny was up three times last night having to do his business. Once at 2am, then at 4am, then at 6am. Poor little guy. He was doing better though. We went to the Vet at 10am. Danny shook when we got there. He hates going to the Vet. He cowered against me on the exam table but he didn't growl at the Doctor or his assistant. It seems the new food I got Danny made him sick. I started by mixing in a spoonful and then increasing it but his system just couldn't tolerate it. It's a shame because he really liked the new food. It's the only food that he liked. He would jump up and woof when I got it out. He only does that for meat and corn on the cob. The Vet said it would take two weeks to slowly introduce the food to him and he would be sick most of the time. Danny doesn't like his regular food. He looks at it and backs away.

The grass is really greening up. I'll cut it tomorrow and spread the crabicide. The hedge is greening up also. It will need trimming soon. The summer work is starting already.

I went to Choir practice tonight. It was good to see my Choir friends. We have a new girl named Debbie. She is the daughter of one of the choir members. She moved back here from Ohio. She is also the sister of Pam who is a choir member. It's good to have a new member.

Danny came down the stairs at 10pm to let me know it's time for bed.

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