April 15, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I crossed a few things off my list today. I worked on some tax stuff for Ted’s company. It’s funny, we only did business one month last year but there seems to be an awful lot of transactions and tax stuff for the year.

I sent out a few more resumes, watered the plants and cleaned the fish tank.

I was going to have a late breakfast or brunch with my friend, Phyllis but her husband had to have knee surgery and she had to postpone. I hope all went well with her husband’s surgery. He injured his knee while doing renovations on their house. I hope Phyllis and I can get together soon.

I decided to go to the Red Hat Luncheon tomorrow. I can’t remember the last time I went. It was back before Ted became too ill for me to leave him. Then I had to work and was unable to attend the luncheons.

I need to go through my photos and prepare the photos I took at the Christening. I need to email them to my family and post them on the web page. I’ll need help in posting them. I can barely navigate around the blog. I have done anything with the web page. Ted has the photo album on there and some of the links are broken.

I hope to go to the Toastmasters meeting tomorrow evening. It’s a long drive. One that Ted and I took together for many years. It’s hard to drive down that road and not think of him. So many things remind me of him. I heard a robin singing this evening when I took Danny out for his walk. It reminded me of a camping trip Ted and I took to Blue Rocks Campground in PA. A robin would awaken us early in the morning with his singing and then we would hear him again in the evening as we were preparing our dinner. It was over 30 years ago. Strange how something like a bird singing can stir a memory.

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