April 19, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I trimmed the hedge today. It was really thick with leaves. It usually takes an hour to cut but today it took two hours. I took several rest breaks and had some iced tea. It was warm and the trees are not leafed out yet so there is no shade. All the rain we had has made the hedge grow very thick. It was hard cutting the top because it was so thick. I was done in after I finished and didn’t get much else done.

My sister-in-law, Sylvia is in the hospital. She has an inflammation of the intestine. They ran some tests and will be doing a colonoscopy on Monday. I have been calling her on the phone to check on her. She won’t know anything until Monday. I pray that she will be all right. She has been very kind to me since Ted passed away. She opened her home to me and Danny whenever we needed it.

On a day like today, Ted and I would go to Ocean City after our chores were done. I don’t know how he had the energy after cutting the grass and trimming the hedge. Sometimes, he would also wash the car. The hedge is always difficult at first after not using those muscles all winter. It should get easier.

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