April 29, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I crossed a couple more things off my list, although, some are in process. I went to the office where Ted and I used to work. The building manager allows me to use her copy machine. I made copies of the state taxes to give to my accountant. I still have some more things to go through and copies to make but things look brighter.

I picked up my weed eater at Sears. I used it across the flowerbed in the front and west side and used it on one edge of the front sidewalk. It was dinnertime so I swept up the grass clippings and wound up the extension cord.

The dog across the street barked all day long causing Danny to be hyper and bark. One of the new neighbors blared there boom box with Spanish music. I hope it was a special occasion and won’t be an everyday occurrence. We do have a noise ordinance but I don’t like to report people. Fortunately, they quiet down at night.

The church is having more problems. The person, who took over for the choir director, sent me a letter today. Someone misconstrued her intentions so she quit the choir and I guess her husband did too. That only leaves four of us. So I guess there will be no more choir.

Time to join Danny and get some sleep.

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