July 8, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today, I took my car to be serviced and got a ride home in the Honda Mobile. I cut the grass and it was already blazing hot at 9am. I cut some of Alex’s front lawn but the sun was too hot out there. I had lost the shade as the sun moved toward the south. Alex had surgery on his arm. He had a very bad muscle tear.

I came in and cooled down. The Honda dealer called me twice. I needed front brakes, which I already knew, but he called me again because I needed new rotors. Bummer.

They called again when it was done and sent the Honda Mobile around to get me. After I paid my bill, I stopped by the library, returned my book and took out another. The last book was a mystery by J P James. It was an Adam Dalgliesh mystery. If you watch Mystery on PBS you may have seen some of the mysteries. I took out a book by Nancy Conant. She writes mysteries involving dogs. The main character has Alaskan Malamutes that somehow get involved in solving the mystery.

I packed up some things that were in the closets and on the daybed in the guestroom. I had some craft items that are in bags so I boxed them up and will put out in the garage until I take them to the storage bin. I also packed up some winter comforters and blankets. I want my closets to look nice and spacious when I put it on the market.

Danny is in bed already counting z’s. I will read for a while and then count some z’s of my own.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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