July 13, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I just got home from seeing the Zombies. A rock group from the sixties. They were performing at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City. We went to the boardwalk for a while. I took some photos there and at the Marina. We ate at the Harbor View Restaurant. I had the Maryland Crab Cakes. They were excellent but as with other Gourmet Restaurants, the portions were small and everything was separate. My meal came with a teaspoon of potato salad with a scent of truffles, and a serving of salad greens that looked like dandelion greens but had a mild flavor. It has a lemon dressing that was quite tasty. Don's Chilean Bass was excellent but came with only a few grape tomatoes, two of which roll off his fork onto the floor. They did serve three types of bread and a dish with two black olives and three green olives. If you wanted soup or salad it would have cost extra. They had a four course meal that cost $65.00 per person. I think if one ordered the soup, salad and dessert, any meal would have cost that much. I was not still hungry but I could have had room for dessert. We figured we could get some ice cream after the show but there was nothing back at the Marina and on the way home, everything was closed.

I'll post the photos tomorrow. My computer is backing up as it is after midnight. I am using my company computer. Danny is at Erica's. I'll pick him up in the morning. I will be working at my brother's company a couple days next week for training. One of the ladies will be having surgery and they need a temp. I sent Don my resume and they want me to start training. The money will come in handy.

There is also another temp job in the wings but I haven't heard back from the lady.

I better hit the hay.

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Posted by tedkarol at July 13, 2008 12:17 AM

One of my favorite songs by the zombies is time of the season. Are you planning a trip to MI anytime soon?

Posted by: John at July 17, 2008 9:23 PM