July 26, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008


A new makeover. I got my hair cut today and had it done in a new style. It still has some perm in it so we'll see how it looks tomorrow when I have to style it. I should have take the photo before I did the yard work. The wind blew it around and I was sweating around the hair line so it is a little limp. I never took a self portrait before. I had to take several shots as I kept tilting my head back.

I got most the the things done on my list. I went out early in the morning while it was cool. I was in the sun, however, and that made it very hot. Next time I'll wait until the sun moves over the trees and I get some shade. I still have to cut the grass, write out some bills, and give Danny his bath. It's almost time for his flea medicine so I like to give him his bath ahead of time. I want to bathe him here rather than at my brother's as he runs around like he's been shot out of a cannon. I also need plenty of towels to dry him before I use the hair dryer on him.

I'll finish up the chores tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to rest.

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Posted by tedkarol at July 26, 2008 7:35 PM

I like the new look.

I'm impressed with the way you keep a list of things to do. A few weeks ago I designed a 'to do' list in Excel and have been adding to it. Well over 100 items now, although I keep items on the list when completed. I just put a 'finished' date after them.

Posted by: reb at July 27, 2008 7:22 AM

Hi Karol, I think your new hair style is really flattering to you. And, I think you have a gorgeous smile. And, I think you did a great job of taking your own photo. And, I think you should feel great about yourself. It takes a lot of courage to try a new hairstyle. I have naturally wavy hair, and, I have a beautician that cuts it to the wave and it only takes me a short time to fix it. My vote is for you to feel very good about your new hairstyle. And, remember to keep that gorgeous smile. That is GREAT. Do you think Danny Boy noticed any change in you? Maybe he's like I am. Once I have a picture of a person in my brain, I don't really notice when they do something different. This was years ago, but, I had always told my husband that I thought he looked nice with a moustache. So, he kept it - - until one day while I was gone, he decided he didn't want to have to trim it anymore, so he shaved it off. When I came home, he seemed like he was trying to ignore me. Well, later in the day, he said - you don't even notice anything different about me do you? I looked directly at him and still didn't notice. He said I shaved off my moustache and you always said you liked it and then you didn't even notice. I guess I had my picture of him in my brain. The end of the story is - I liked him without the moustache just as well as with it. We both had a good laugh over this incident. Love, Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at July 27, 2008 4:05 PM

I don't know if Danny noticed the haircut but I think he noticed the smell of the hair gel the girl put on my hair. He hid from me most of the evening. He must have been under the bed. I didn't know where he was and had to whistle for him. He came running as he thought I was going to take him out. I did. Then he slept in the laundry room instead of on my lap on the sofa. I had to whistle for him to come to bed.


Posted by: Karol at July 27, 2008 4:14 PM

Looks nice Karol.

Posted by: Ned Swift at July 29, 2008 7:58 AM