July 31, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I spoke to soon about the construction. They were back yesterday morning blocking off the road where the company is. I was also delayed by a long freight train. I turnd on Ashland Avenue and wondered what that traffic light was doing half down the block. Then I realized it was the B&O Railrail as I was the gates coming down. I put my car in park and drank my coffee that I picked up from WaWa.

Danny is following Sylvia around while I am at work. He does that to me. He is like a shadow. She is becoming his second Mommy. Maybe I should say third. Erica is his second. I guess he needs to attach himself to a companion. We met a little black dog on our walk yesterday. They sniffed each other and then Danny went GRRRR. I pulled him away. For some reason Danny didn't like him or her. The dog may have been young. Danny doesn't like young dogs. He is sleeping on the sofa right now. We'll be going out for his walk as soon as I get a little cafine in my system. I wake up with stuffed sinuses. People ask me if I take something for it. Yes, a cup of coffee does the trick. I only take medication if absolutely necessary.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

PS to the Vorlon Sister and Brother-in-law: I hope you are going to the wedding. I'll give you a call this weekend.

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