August 2, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

It started out cool and clear at 6 am. I got my hoses moved to the side of the hedge to water that area. I went in to take Danny for his walk and a thunderstorm came blowing in. We headed back to the house. The storm made a lot of noise but not even a quarter of an inch was in the rain gage. I had shut off the water and then turned it back on again. The only yardwork that needed to be done was weeding. I weeded half of the front flowerbed. It had crab grass and nut grass growing in the flowers. One thing I can say about crab grass is that is stays green when the other grass turns brown from lack of rain.

I called the Post Office this time and what a run around. The phone book had only an 800 number and they gave me the Vineland number. Vineland asked me if I calle to request the mail to be released. No, I wrote it on the card. Well, you have to call the distribution center and request pick up. I called the distribution center and was told I had to call the Landis Ave office. I told him I just did and they told me to call you. After putting me on hold several times to find out where my mail was, I was told the carrier had it. OK. I had left a card for nest weeks mail in the box for him and when I went out to do my errands, I saw the card was gone. I thought maybe I forgot to put it out. I went back into the house and looked all over and it was not there. I got back in the car and saw the carrier across the street so I asked him. He said my mail was in the post office. It was wrapped in rubber bands and they couldn't possibly miss it. What idiots. I think they were just to lazy to see if it was there in the office.

I did the rest of my errands and got some extra keys made at the hardware store. Of course it didn't work and now the hardware store is closed. I'll have to wait until next week to have them redone.

The bills are done and mailed. I still have to groom Danny Boy and get my clothes ready for next week. My tax bill came and it appears to have gone up by $1200.00. Unbelivable.

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