August 3, 2008

Sunday August 3, 2008

I got most of the things done on my list. I finished the weeding across the front this morning. I still have the sides to do but the weeds are not so bad there. It's an ongoing process. I have to do along the back, too. I didn't have to mow or trim the hedge but both will be waiting for me when I return next weekend. I still have to get the house ready for market. I seem to run out of time on the weekends or I'm so hot from the 90 degree weather that I sit down like a blob to cool off after being outdoors. I watered the grass all Saturday. Actually, I started Friday night with the back and then did the front and sides on Sat. I'll have a new list for next week.

Danny has had his walk and is curled up on the sofa between Rick and Sylvia. I think he will be glad when I go up to bed and he will follow me up. It's a wonder he hasn't gone up by himself. I think with all the traveling we do, he like to be near me.

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Posted by tedkarol at August 3, 2008 9:05 PM