November 1, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yesterday, Danny’s appointment took longer than I thought. He was supposed to get his distemper shot but he also needed his 8 year check up with blood work and lab tests. When we go home, a girl from church called and said her mother was having a luncheon for my friend June who had just lost her brother. It was too late to go to Brady’s funeral in PA so I went to the luncheon. When I got home, I walked Danny and did a few chores. I read some of my book because it’s almost time to take it back to the library.

The Halloween kids started coming around 5:00 and keep coming until 7:00. I wasn’t able to get my dinner until then. I was full from the luncheon so that was OK. This is the first year that Halloween wasn’t held on Saturday afternoon. It was difficult for the parents to get home for their kids to go Trick or Treating. Most people work until 5:00. The parents had to take off early. Most parents go around with their kids. I would have been mortified if my parents went with me. We were invited into the neighbors’ homes and they tried to guess who we were. With parents, they would have known us. My older brother went with me when I was little. Then I took my younger brother. Some neighbors knew us by our size. I don’t know many kids here. I just stand out on the porch, put the candy in their bags and wish them a Happy Halloween. They all said thank you. Sometimes prompted by their parents. I had about 200 kids.

Today, I went to the super market and then I blew the leaves out of the driveways and walk. The new girl across the street introduced herself. Her name is Heather. She has a Rotweiller dog. I don’t see it out very much. She takes it to her mother’s while she works. Heather was shocked at how many kids came around for Trick or Treat.

It is time for Danny’s bath. I guess I’ll give it to him in the morning. I have set back some of the clocks. The computer will take care of itself. I want to get back to my book and find out “who done it.” It is an Adam Dalgliesh mystery by P D James. I’ve read some other and have seen some on the TV show “Mystery.”

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