November 17, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

I crossed a couple more jobs off my list. I cleaned the air cleaner and did my bills and a letter.

I had some fun, too. I met my friend, Pat for lunch. Pat is a friend from Toastmasters. She had a doctor appointment near Vineland so she invited me to meet her for lunch. We had a wonderful visit. We enjoyed a good meal and good conversation. We found that our grandfathers were both bricklayers in Philadelphia. They worked about the same time period, around 1940. Pat has a photo of the men on one of the jobs. She’s going to dig it out and show it to me to see if I can pick out my grandfather.

I had a great big burger and fries for lunch so I wasn’t hungry for dinner. I ate some peas. Danny likes peas so I tossed a few to him. I also had a slice of whole-wheat toast and vanilla pudding.

After his evening walk, he went to bed and then started barking. I called up to him and a few minutes later, I heard his nails clicking on the stairs. He stood there looking at me and didn’t hop up on my lap right away. He finally hopped up and rolled over for his belly rub. When I stopped petting him, he made a low growling noise. I wasn’t sure what he wanted. I got up to see if he would run for the door or his bowl but he didn’t. I sat back down and he went back upstairs to bed. I think he wanted me to come to bed but it was only a little after 8. He is happy now that I came upstairs. He is a funny little dog.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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