November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I went to Ted’s networking group today. There were a lot of new members there. I filled in for Erica. (She is the owner of the horse farm and kennel where I take Danny) She was unable to attend. There were a few people from before that I knew and one guest that I knew from the credit union. You never know when you will meet someone you know in this town.

I walked Danny a few times today. We both wore our red winter coats. I put the hood up on mine. This morning it was 26 degrees here at the house. The weather channel said it was 30 with a wind chill factor of 20. This afternoon, it was 30 degrees here with a wind chill factor of 24. I just heard a loud noise outside like a firecracker and Danny has run to me protection. I thought he would run under the bed but he ran in the computer room to me.

I was supposed to go to Toastmaster’s tonight but after I’ve been out once today, I didn’t feel like driving to Ocean City down that dark lonely road. I like when I get there but the drive is too much. Ted and I drove down that road for many years and it’s too lonesome without him.

I will take Danny out before bed time. His bed time is 8:00.

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Posted by tedkarol at November 19, 2008 7:19 PM

Hi Karol,

You do a very good job by continuing to attend meetings, etc. That can be difficult to do alone, but, I think it is important for women to feel comfortable doing things alone. It would, I am sure, be easier if you had someone to go with, but, it is also nice that you and other women continue to meet new people. I have a little experience with having to attend meetings, etc. alone, after my divorce. And, I was very self-concious at first, but, I remember people being very thoughtful and including me most of the time. There was a wedding I attended alone, and I felt very lonely there. Anyway, I greatly admire you for all that you do in spite of having to push yourself at times. What a lady.

It is good that you get outside each day, but, I'm sure as the days get colder, it's not as much fun taking Danny for his walk. It never feels too cold when the temps are fairly low, but, add a little wind, and it makes all the difference in the world. I'll bet there are a lot of people in your neighborhood that watch for you and Danny. I say that because we have some ladies that walk alone in our neighborhood and I find myself watching for them. If I don't see them for a couple of days, I am a bit concerned for them. You probably have some neighbors that also watch for you and your cute little pup, which isn't a bad idea.

Hoping you enjoy your day and the upcoming weekend. Love, Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at November 20, 2008 10:29 AM