December 9, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The lights for the tree have been driving me nuts. Every set had a segment was out. I tried fixing one and found the culprit bulb but the replacement bulb kept blowing. I figured there must be a short so I put it in the discard pile. I’ll take all the good bulbs off then throw it away. I’m not going to put the icicles on the eaves and put them on the hedgerow. I took the clear sets that I usually put on the hedge and put them on the tree instead of the colored lights. I had the same problem with them. They work fine until I put them on the tree then they don’t work. It was frustrating. I took a set of icicle lights and draped them around and along the branches to finish the bottom part of the tree. The clear lights look pretty with the white angle on the top. I don’t know if I’ll put many decorations on it. Maybe just the clear or white ornaments then top it off by throwing snow on it. We’ll see how it looks.

I got two phone calls from friends today. It was good to hear from both of them. Sonia who just moved away from across the street called. She was living with her parents but now settled in with her brother. Rich from Toastmaster’s called. He wanted to see if I were going to the Toastmaster’s Christmas Party in Atlantic City. I got snowed in when I went last year. He also wanted to know why I wasn’t coming out to Toastmasters. The long drive is sometimes overwhelming for me. And it’s just not the same without Ted. He didn’t mind driving that far or driving in the dark but I just don’t like driving long distance by myself.

I went to the super market. I went to the Shop Rite because I had a lot of things to get and their prices are cheaper. It took me about two hours. It is a large store and I forgot me list. I had to wander up and down every isle to see what I needed and I wasn’t familiar with the store set up. I’m more comfortable going to the Acme. It smaller, closer and more convenient but the prices are higher.

I called the appliance repair place and made an appointment for him to come out to look at my washer. I told them I thought it might be the belt so the lady looked up to see if the part were still available. It is and if it is the belt, it will cost $18.00. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that is the problem and nothing more. He’ll be out on Friday.

I got a lot crossed off my list this week. I’ll work on the rest tomorrow.

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