December 18, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I hope to start writing before Danny got up but he saw me come up the stairs and here he is. I guess he didn’t want the computer getting all the attention.

I went to the Red Hat Luncheon yesterday. It was an enjoyable time with my red hat friends. I wore my Santa hat as my red hat. I won a prize for getting the answers to the Archangel quiz. I got 3 out of 5 correct. I tied with my friend Judy and we both got a lovely Red Hat picture frame.

My exchange gift was a table water fountain. I was just thinking about one of them the other day about how relaxing the sound of the water would be. It is a lovely gift.

I went to the supermarket after the luncheon. I needed a few things that the other supermarket didn’t carry. After putting the food away, I took Danny for his long walk and got ready for my next party. I wanted to leave early so I could stop at the bank and Border’s Bookstore near Atlantic City. Border’s is near the Hamilton Mall but it is very difficult to get in and out. It is on the access road to the Atlantic City Expressway and you have to make a left turn across traffic exiting the expressway. It is three lanes wide and almost impossible to get across. I found a set of books for Jonathan so the trip was worthwhile. Coming out I had to make another left so I could get onto the expressway. I ran over an island bumper but made it safely. The expressway is an easy trip into AC.

Mary Fran and Steve have a lovely home on the beach block. It is a large older home with hardwood floors throughout. They have done a lot of renovations on it and it is absolutely beautiful. They have a sunroom with a view of the ocean. It was dark when I was there so I couldn’t see the ocean. The master bedroom has a huge bath adjoining it. I believe they took one of the bedrooms and converted it into a bathroom. It has a large double shower with a separate hot tub across the room. It is very spacious. There are two living rooms, a large dining room with additions living seating. A large spacious kitchen, three bedrooms and two baths on the second floor and two or three more bedrooms on the third floor. A beautiful oak staircase in the front livingroom and a back stairway from the kitchen. The house has entrances on two streets. There is a deck and a garage on the back with 4 additional parking spaces.

It was a fun time with my toastmaster friends. I got home, walked Danny and found 2 messages on my phone. It almost ten o’clock but I knew my brother and sister-in-law would be up so I called them back. They wanted to know my plans for the weekend. I will be going to my brother Rick’s on Saturday morning and stay over. I need to go to the cemetery with my grave blankets for Ted and my parents. I also need to go to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore so I can get the rest of my gifts and use the gift certificate I found on the computer desk with Ted’s things. I called and it is still good so I might as well use it.

They weather may be bad on Sunday so I may stay until Monday.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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