February 4, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I went to the Business Networking Group today. I filled in for Melissa and did an ad for her Newspaper Ad Business. It was an enjoyable lunch and meeting. I learn a lot about the small business people in the area.

After leaving the restaurant where the meeting was held in Millville, I journeyed down to South Millville with my camera and took some shots of the lake. Ted has a series of the lake in spring, summer and fall. He wanted to get some shots in winter. I took several and they looked OK on the little screen but it was bright because of the glare of the snow. When I loaded them onto the computer, they were blurred and you couldn’t even tell what the shots were of. I don’t know if I accidentally moved the setting on the wheel at the top or what. I noticed it was in the wrong position when I downloaded the camera. I thought I had checked it as I have done this before. One time it was on the movie setting when I was taking photos of my flowers. The flowers were OK but the movie showed my feet and the ground as I moved onto the next flower. Cute!

Danny loves bounding through the snow like a deer. He gets snow compacted on his legs and I have to put him in the tub and squirt the snow until it melts. He is not a happy camper. He runs through the house tracking snow all over the place. He looks at me as though he is saying, “Try and catch me.” And off he zooms. Up the stairs and back down again. He’s a funny little dog.

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