February 20, 2009

Friday Flowerblogging


Ted's photo of yellow crocuses taken 02/17/06. This year, the leaves are just beginning to pop out of the ground. Ted liked the yellow crocuses best.

Posted by tedkarol at February 20, 2009 8:57 AM

Such a lovely sight to see the yellow crocus, even though it was not this year. We did have a couple of milder winters where crocus were able to bloom early. But, surely not in Michigan where we're getting more snow again and the wind chill was only one degree yesterday. The sun is out today though and that helps. It's really nice that you were able to work outside some yesterday. That is one of your passions to be working in the earth and tending your beautiful flowers. And, fortuntely, taking photos is another of your passions, so we get to enjoy your yard to some extent too. And, that is surely a treat for us.

I have just started a bible study class too and I'm really enjoying ours very much. Our teacher knows the Bible so well and she has the touch of presentation down to an art form. I will truly enjoy learning from her. But, I suppose there are those that aren't teachers even though they are scholars of The Word.

Hoping you enjoy your weekend doing some enjoyable things. Love, Ruth

Posted by: Ruth at February 20, 2009 9:42 AM