February 28, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well, I’m ready for the people who will be looking at my house. I hope they like it and will give me a good offer. I dread packing everything up and the stress of all that goes into moving. The last time, I had Ted and my parents, and my brother help with the moving. I may be all alone this time, at least on this end. When I get over to PA, I may have some help then. I will be glad when I’m not so far away from my family.

The lady who came to see my house brought her boyfriend to help her house shop. Mine was the first of 10 they were going to look at. She lives near Glassboro and they are going to widen route 322. Her house was in the way so she has to find another place to live. Melissa couldn’t come. Her baby was sick and she couldn’t get a hold of either her mother or mother-in-law. The other real estate lady got lost and couldn’t find my house. I let the people in, as it was cold and raw outside. They seemed to like the house. They liked the open floor plan, the fireplace, and the sun porch. The real estate woman finally got here and took them upstairs. I heard the woman say, “Oh, this is cute.” I don’t know to what room she was referring.

When they left, I walked Danny, had some lunch and watched the movie I got from the Library. It was “Star Wars III.” It must have come out when Ted was sick and we didn’t get to see it. It was sad to watch it with out him. He enjoyed it so much. I don’t think any of my lady friends are in to Sci Fi.

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