April 5, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I went out to lunch with my church friends today. I got crab, shrimp, and scallops over linguini. It was excellent.

I weeded the east side this afternoon and raked some leaves out of that area. I used the snow shovel to rake the leaves onto and took them to my leaf pile in the street. The city picks up the leaves and branches. The east side didn’t have many weeds. I dug out some gladiola bulbs. Some didn’t make it through the cold winter. They are supposed to be dug up in the fall but in southern NJ, you can usually leave them in with no problem. Some were too close to the surface and got frost damage. I dug out the ones underneath that were more protected.

I am never hungry Sunday evenings so just have a little something. I think I will have some vegetables. I ate a Krunch Klondike bar earlier. Yesterday, I had an Oreo Cookie Klondike. It was yummy. They have a lot of flavors. I buy two different kinds each time I go to the market.

Tomorrow, I will file my taxes and be done with that. I have two to file and I have to send some information to PA about the company. I like crossing items off my list.

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