July 22, 2009

Wednesday July 22, 2009

I got up early, walked Danny Boy, and cut the grass at 8am. I looked at the clock, thought it said 9:45 so I quick got a shower and ran out the door to go to the Chiropractor for my appointment at 10:00. I looked at the clock in the car and it was only 9:00. I drove around the block and went home. I did some more spackling in the corner of the room and went through my email.

I changed my clothes and was going to walk Danny at 11:30 when my friend June came early to go to Barbara's luncheon. Danny was hyper because my neighbor's dog was barking behind the stockade fence. I had to shut him in the bedroom while I fixed my hair and put on my shoes. June's not a dog person so I had to hold Danny until we were ready to leave.

We had a nice time at Barb's luncheon. A few of Barb's friends from church were there. When I got home, I hope to start painting the wall but I felt done-in. I guess the mowing of the grass caught up with me. Everything seems so hard for me.

I was walking Danny this afternoon when my neighbor, Al stopped me to see if I was OK. His girlfriend saw police cars and detectives around my house the other day. I have no clue, I didn't see them. Maybe it was on the weekend when I was in Chesapeake City. Alex was also away so he wouldn't have seen anything either. I wonder what was going on this time. My house is OK and the alarm hadn't gone off. It may have been another house and the detectives were going around asking questions to see if anyone saw anything.

I'm going to get some dinner and vegetate.

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Posted by tedkarol at July 22, 2009 5:56 PM

Good morning Karol,

Actually, I guess it just turned into afternoon, so Good Afternoon Karol.

You're so tired and things are difficult for you because you have so much work to do everyday. You don't seem to ever be able to keep up. Your hedge takes a lot of time, all the painting you're doing, the packing up of your things, spending some time at your new home, etc. There, that puts it all in perspective - and I know I feel tired !!!!!! Seriously Karol, you are a very busy woman with so many responsibilities. I truly think your life will be much calmer when you actually live in your new home. Keep in mind though, you do so very well with so much to tend to all the time. You're good - very good. And, your time is coming when life will be more calm. You will have friends and family to support and help you with jobs that need to be taken care of. You will always do your best, but, having some help once in awhile will be such a good thing for you.

I am glad you take the time to do a few social events with others. You are going to have more time soon when your NJ home sells. So praying that will be soon.

I will continue my prayers for you Karol. All will be better one day before too long. In God's time - and that is very difficult for us to comprehend when we're in the midst of the chaos. Pray for calmness and faith to trust Him.

Posted by: Ruth at July 23, 2009 12:30 PM