November 19, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It always takes all morning to get packed up. I was almost ready when Melissa called and someone wanted to see the house in the afternoon. I had to run the vacuum and straighten up. I loaded the car to the hilt and left at noon. I stopped at McDonald’s in Woodstown and got a burger, fries, and coke. I sat at the outdoor benches and shared my food with Danny. I walked him a bit and the got back on the road. We got here around 2:00. I unpacked the car and put most of the things away. I had hoped to blow the leaves before the rain but get caught before I hardly got started. At least I got the walk blown and rounded up the leaves on part of the front. I put them in the flower bed and then wound up the cord and brought them into the house. I put Danny’s coat on him. He saw the coat and looked out the door to verify it was raining. He didn’t go far. He barked at the kids getting off the school bus. The rain seemed to only be a drizzle but I got wetter than I thought.

I got hot shower and got ready to head out to dinner at the church followed by Bible Study. It’s only a two minute drive.

I hope the person likes my house. I really want to get moved in down here and stop the driving back and forth. My driver’s license is up for renewal and it would be nice if I could get it in MD rather than NJ and have to get another one in MD, later.

Danny is curled up in a ball on a pillow on my lap. I think he is asleep. I guess the ride tires him out too.

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