March 1, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

It was sunny today. We went r our walk this morning. After breakfast, I drove to Middletown, DE to go to the Home Depot and to Wal-Mart. I saw Lowe’s first so went in there. They have one of the Microwave models I am interested in. It is in stock. I had a whole list of things but they only had two things on it, a florescent light bulb and a switch for my closet light fixture.

Middletown has a cluster of new shopping centers. One has to drive around in circles to get from one place to another. The Home Depot was in back of Lowe’s but I had to drive through the WaWa to get to it. I bought a couple more things on my list but they, too didn’t have much of what I wanted. Next, I had to wind around to get out to the road and go down a block to Wal-Mart. I had better luck here as I was buying groceries. Wal-Mart has delicious ice cream cups and a good size serving.

The shopping center is only 20 minutes away and Delaware does not have sales tax. I make a list of all the taxable items I need and buy them in DE. When I got back, it was time to take Danny out and get some lunch. I fixed the florescent light and put one of the large plastic screw thingy in the big whole in the wall in the bedroom. Some one hung something and the nail or screw left a large whole. This thing fit right in and now I can hang something on it.

I also put one in the wall where the living room door opens. The stop that screws in there was loose and the whole was too big for the screw. This big plastic thing did the trick. I shoveled some snow off my aborvitae globe bush. The deep heavy snow buried and flattened it. It is starting to perk up; I hope it will be OK.

I drove over to the Post Office and library. I returned the two films I watched on Sat. and Sun. and got two more. One was called Pearl Diver. It was good. I walked Danny around down town. Not much was on the marina except some gulls and when I drove around the other side, I saw the pair of mergansers. I may see what’s on Fancast while I wait for the dishwasher to finish.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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