March 22, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

I went to the post office and the library. I got a couple DVD's. I watched one this afternoon. It was a documentary about the wild parrots in San Francisco. It was quite interesting and very scenic. I was nice to see the places I visited when I was there. I wish I had known about the parrots; it would have been nice to see them.

I tried to watch an episode of Maxwell Smart this evening but the DVD player went kaput. It's an old one and it was a spare I used to watch my exercise DVDs. The VCR part of it broke down years ago. I have price some new DVR/VCR player/recorders but was waiting until I get my house sold before spending any money.

I walked Danny in town today. He likes walking around the town. A man came out of the town hall and Danny didn't even bark at him. He was trying to recruit people he could help with the Census. I asked if I had any questions. I told him I have two residences and I could only be counted in one of them. He said I should put the one I am in on April First or the one that I consider my primary residence.

I planted some of my flowers between showers. I had to stop because it started thundering. I have a lot more to plant. I have four plastic bags full. They are large size bags.

I was walking out back and I saw a splash in the babbling brook. (It's not so babbling now; it has gone down quite a bit) I looked to see what it was and I saw a big frog leap into the water. I also hear the spring peepers when I take Danny out in the back yard at night. It is really cool. I hope that white elephant of a house sells soon. I like it here. It is nice to walk around the mobile home park and feel safe for me and Danny. No big dogs are allowed here.

Last night I talked to my friend Phyllis. She is RVing in Texas right now. She and her husband will be traveling around the country. They are off on their exciting adventure. I also talked to Ted's mother. This morning, I talked to my sister-in-law, Sylvia. My brother Rick is doing OK. My nephew, Bob's wife is helping them out. We'll know more after Rick sees his doctor.

Keep my nephew's friends in prayer. Cheri lost her husband. He was investigating some arson fires around the railroad and got him by a train. Cheri and her children are in shock.

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