March 28, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I went to church this morning. During the collection of the offering, the organist played familiar Palm Sunday hymn. When the offering was finish and after we sang the Doxology, the Pastor asked if anyone knew what Edna (the organist was playing). Everyone sat quietly so I said, "The Palms." He said, "yes, Karol, and now you can come up and sing it with me." Another lady, Carol Brown, thought he was talking to her so we both went up and sang in a trio. It is a beautiful hymn and it was fun to sing it. The Pastor said, "We had C(K)arols singing.

I went to lunch with my friends from church. We went to the Greek place called Olympia. It's one of my favorite places. I got the Rodos Flounder. It is rolled and stuffed with rice and spinach and a side of delicious coleslaw. It is served with big homemade pita bread and a large Greek salad. I gobbled everything up but brought home half the flounder and a couple of the pita breads. I will have a nice dinner later.

I talked to my brother, Don, he had to get a stronger antibiotic for his cold. He is just starting to feel better. I also talked to Ted's parents. They had a surprise visit from Ted's brother, Tom, sister-in-law, Mary, his niece, Kate and her husband, Andres and the new baby, William. Kate and Andres were visiting from California.

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