October 25, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

I got the cabinets in the bathroom finished. I used wood-patch to fill in where there was a little opening and I put a couple moldings in the other cabinet. I started to swap out my summer and winter clothes when I noticed the closet shelf was not attached to the wall. One bracket was missing and the other bracket was screwed in but it was under the shelf and not attached to it. I was able to repair that but the one bracket was in the corner and it took some effort to get it attached properly. I replaced the plastic bracket with a metal one. The plastic dries up and breaks over time.

Thats about all I got done today. Danny didn't walk very far on his walks. He went around the block this morning but on his afternoon walks he stayed close to the house. We walked to the mailbox and then he was ready to come in. He saw the dog across the street and went to greet him. He is a Bichon and looks alot like Danny but is taller. My neighbor, Ida, asked if I would like to play Bingo with them but I'm not the Bingo type. I don't like going out at night. I get all keyed up and then can't get to sleep.

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