October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I didn't do much today. I put a coat rack behind the front door so I could hang Danny's leash and my lanyard with keys. I also put my umbrella there.

I took the trash out and got the empty boxes out of the shed to put them out with the trash. I emptied a couple more boxes of books and put in the bookcase. I gave Danny a little clipping around his face and feet. I made his appointment with the Vet in Middletown. My niece takes her dogs there. He is scheduled for Friday afternoon. He needs his yearly exam and his three year rabies shot is due.

I called the Wildlife Management to get a non-hunting permit to hike up the hill across the road. There is good birding and wildlife up there. There is a lake that I think they drain into the ditch in back of my house. It was running high and there was no rain until today. I did go up there once but there is a no trespassing sign and you must have a permit to enter. I just went far enough to take a look. I saw a fox at the same time he saw me. He continued on his way. I've heard there are beaver up there. The permit is free but you have to apply yearly.

My neighbor came over to tell me she and her husband are taking their dog to the groomer. The groomer lives out some country roads and they feel it is better to show me rather than explain how to get there. We will be going tomorrow. I'll take Danny to meet the lady and get acquainted with her.

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