February 3, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I didn't go to exercise class today. I didn't get Danny out until late and I hadn't eaten yet. When I thought of how cold that building is I thought forget it. The last time I went, no one was there. I hope no one was there today. I wouldn't want someone else to show up and no one be there.

It was bath day for Danny. He doesn't like getting a bath but he hops right into the shower when I call him. I got an extra long shower hose so I can hose him down. After the bath, he gets the blow dryer. He seems to like it. He likes to be dry.

I called Ted's parents today to see if they were safe from the blizzard. On the weather channel, a big area of snow with 1 to 2 feet accumulation streaked across from Chicago to Buffalo. They are doing well and the sun is shining there today.

I'm having fun trying to figure out who it is in the photo. My aunt who is Uncle Bud's wife agrees with me that there are features that are Bud's and there are features that are not. The eyes and mouth look like my grandfather but he had dark curly hair. He may have had lighter hair when he was a boy. My brother had blond straight hair until he was twelve. Then it turen dark and curly. My cousin Scott who looks like the man in the photo had light hair when he was a boy and it has turned darker over the years. My cousin, Alan's wife thought it looks like Alan and Scott. I am still waiting to hear from my uncle and my mother's cousin to see if they know who it is. They may have been too young to know.

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