February 19, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's been very windy today. It blew my recycling dumpster over and the trash blew all over the place. I had a plastic container on the west side of the house and it ended up on the east side. I picked up aluminum cans, papers, plastic bottles, and cardboard all over the yard, east, west and south. There is more all along the drainage ditch. I didn't get that.

I scanned in another photo. I posted it above.

I hung up my black wrought iron plate holders in the living room and put photos in them. I had to figure out how to hand them as the holes to attach them were two and a half inches apart and to wide for the stud. I thought I'd get some kind of metal brace and attach it to the plate holder and them screw it in the center of the brace. Then it dawned on me to use a coat hanger, cut it, and bend it. I put it through the two holes and bent it around the holes and I could just loop it over the hook I put in the stud. It worked out well. Now I need to come up with a similar plan for the plate holders I want to put in the kitchen. Their holes are four inches apart and there is no stud where I want to hand them. I hung a couple other photos, too.

I hooked up my little television to the cable in the bedroom. I can get the basic channels on it. I had moved the big shelf I had there hiding the cable. I can get ION TV which carries David Jeremiah at 7am Sunday morning. I can watch while I'm getting ready for church.

I took my rocking chair out of the blue bedroom where it blocked the closet and put it in my computer room. The sun was shinning brightly in the window and I sat in the rocker and studied my Lay Reader material for tomorrow.

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