February 24, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I went to my exercise class today and was done in for the rest of the day. I did change the windshield wipers. Ted had a couple sets of them he ordered from the Honda Accessory Online Store. There were 4 of each size. I figured out how to get them off and then back on again. I think the winter weather destroyed them.

I ran the turbo sweeper around today and cleaned up the debris from my plants and the debris brought in from outside. The snow has melted quite a bit. It is almost all gone. There are no big piles because the plow didn't come through here. I heard it going down Bethel Road but that the county does. Here, the Manager of the trailer park has to call someone to do it and I don't think they call unless we get 12 inches or more.

I went to my church membership class tonight. Pastor Amy told us of a time someone from New York City asked about Chesapeake City. She said she lives in a place where the "Luff" family lives on Luff Lane and the McKeoen's live on McKeoen Lane. She went over the Leadership of the church and the sacraments of Baptism and Communion.

I didn't go food shopping so no ice cream today. I could have drove to the Valero food mart but I just wanted to get home and get into my jammies and get ready for bed.

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