March 10, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My friend, Dottie, stopped in for a visit last night. We went to dinner at a nearby local restaurant. It was good to see her. It gets lonely here but it was worse in Vineland as I wouldn’t be near where Dottie or my friend, Cheryl, could stop in. Dottie has a summer place about 25 minutes south of where I am. I often go to dinner with my niece, Cheryl and Ed on Sunday. That wouldn’t happen in Vld.

I go to the Methodist Church here. They have an exercise class on Tuesday and Thursday and Bible study on Wednesday. I am a Lay Reader. I just started and had my turn two weeks ago. I conduct the service except for the Sermon and a couple other things that the Pastor does. I have met a lot of nice people there.

My friend, Cheryl, (I have a friend, Cheryl and a niece, Cheryl) is in the process of moving to Christiansburg, VA to be near her daughter and new grandchild. I don’t think they put their house on the market yet but if not, they will be soon. Christiansburg is way down the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is probably a beautiful area but further away.

I was going to go food shopping but flood warnings are out and I don’t want to go out and not be able to get back home. The Delaware Bay is backing up and the Susquehanna is overflowing. Either on can back up into the canal. The canal will probably be OK but the little streams that flow into it may flood so I’m staying put.

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