April 5, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I went to exercise this morning and then to Middletown to get gas and go to the supermarket there. I couldn't find anything that they had in their newspaper ad so I looked at the dates and it expired yesterday. I did find a turkey for $.99/lb. It was a small on so I could fit it in my freezer.

We went to the church tonight and they had a Seder dinner. First they served soup and bread and then the Seder dinner. They explained everything as we ate the food. It was followed by communion. There were not as many people there as were expected. I think they prepared for 60 and only 30 showed up.

I had choir practice afterward and Erin helped with the cleanup in the kitchen while I practiced. My young neighbor, Jamie, rode with us as her mother's car was having some problems. She recently started singing in the choir. She is 14 and does a lot to help in the church.

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