June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I went to Blble Study this morning. I spent the whole afternoon trying to install my antivirus software. It has all changed and I had to uninstall the old software. It didn't go well on my desktop computer. I wasn't able to uninstall it. Well, it's half uninstalled. I can't install the new until I get the rest of it off.

It went much better with my laptop. I was able to uninstall old and then install the new. My laptop had not been used for over a year so the old software was out of date. I took a look at my desktop and found that it too was out of date. I think it may have a virus as it has been acting flakky. At least I have a computer I can use although, it's not hooked up to the printer.

I'll try again tomorrow. It was very hot today even tonight when I took Danny out, the air was heavy and I could hardly breath. He seemed to want to stay out but I needed to get back to the airconditioning. I hope tomorrow is better. Sorry for any mis-spellings this computer doesn't have a spell check with the blog software. I don't know why as I have to go out on the internet to get it. Very odd.

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