July 2, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I went to church and saw a big sign on the door. The A/C is on, come in and cool off. I found that the town didn't get power until 4;30 yesterday and the outlying areas still have no power and could be out for days. My niece is still out but they have a generator. Ed weathered the storm in his boat. He turned on the engine and kept the boat turned into the wind. My other niece's husband was on the boat and scared to death. I was scared for them as the storm was terrible. There was a poor turnout for church as some people were unable to get out. My friend, Kathy was coming home from work just as the storm began. By the time she got to Chesapeake City, she had to leave her car in a friend's driveway and walk. She called her husband to meet her. She had to climb over three trees and he had to use his chainsaw to cut some trees out of the road. They are without power.

I didn't do much as it was another scorching hot day. It was 96 in the shade and 102 on the deck. Erin and I picked up as many branches as we could. The heavy ones will have to stay until Ed or someone comes with a chain saw.

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