December 1, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I was up and out early this morning. I went to Walgreens for my prescription and then to K-Mart for some Commander Hooks. Next, I went to Peebles Department Store and found some Christmas gifts. They were having 20% off on top of their other discounts. I made out great in that store. Off I went to Deal's Dollar Tree for one item and came out with about 10 things. Next was the cleaners to pick up my clothes. Into Redner's Supermarket I went for some food and such and then stopped at the gas station. Redner's has a perks card that for every $100.00 you spend, the gas station gives you $.10 off each gallon. I spent 200.00 this month so I got $.20 off and my gasoline was $3.259/gal. What a good deal that was. The perks card also benefits the church. We take in the sales slip and the church gets a discount on food at Redners. Good deals all around.

When I got home, I had my lunch and then got out the leaf blower and blew the oak leaves into tow piles. I will run them over with the mower tomorrow or Monday. I hope I can get to it as I have a busy schedule.

I jumped into the shower after blowing the leaves and walked down to the mailbox. Cheryl called as I was walking back and said they were on their way to the Chesapeake Inn and if I wanted to go. I said yes and quickly put on more suitable attire. We had a nice dinner on the deck (inside). I had the cod fish and chips. Ethan had ravioli, Ed had a softshell crab BLT and I forget what Cheryl had but we all enjoyed our meal and watched the Christmas Lights of Chesapeake City come on over the water.

I made some hard boiled eggs for the homeless people. They will be having breakfast at our church tomorrow and my Sunday School class is making it. The people can put the hard cooked eggs in their pockets and take out with them for later in the day.

I put up my Christmas Tree but can't find the lights. There must be another box hiding in my shed. I did put the string on that I recently got at Walmart. They are blue and white. They are a little different than my other sets which has each bulb changing color independently. This set has a remote control that has several settings on it. All blue, all white, blinking blue and white fast, blinking all blue, blinking all white or fading slowly from blue to white. I think I will string them on the inside and put the others on the outside. I hope I can find the lights, angel and decorations for the tree.

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