December 23, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I went to the post office and bank this morning and then it was off to Don's. Traffic was heavy on the interstate from the minute I got on. The right two lanes were crawling bumper to bumper. Fortunately for me, I needed the left lanes. The right lanes were headed over the Delaware Memorial Bridge and NJ Turnpike and northbound. It was heavy all the way to the three way split of 95, 495, and 295(Bridge). I took the 495 split; it parallels 95 and connects back into it. It has a higher speed limit and fewer exits. It got somewhat congested again as I neared Philadelphia but I get off before there.

Don and I got some Lobster Bisque soup at WaWa and then went to the cemetery to put the sprays and grave blankets on my parents and Ted's graves. I headed back home around 3:30 as the wind was picking up and if it was high enough, they'd close the bridges. I was wondering as I drove down 495 over the Christiana River Bridge in Wilmington, DE. I could feel the wind buffeting the car. Traffic going northbound on the interstate was still backed up and heavy from the 896 entrance on up. People still heading north for the holidays. I was heading south.

It was cold and windy. My little driveway trees were blown over and one was broken. I propped them up and hooked the broken part on. I made myself some dinner and watched "Miracle on 34th Street."

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