January 16, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I got up early. I usually get up early. I made my coffee and then worked on my puzzle. I had some breakfast and went on my laptop. I checked Carbonite as I thought my subscription had expired. It turns out I had a three year program and I am OK until December 2013. I am planning to get a new computer and will need to retrieve my data from the Carbonite backup system. I'm not quite sure how it works but I will have my work cut out for me loading all my programs. I called Lifelock as I haven't received any emails from them since I called and told them of my email change. It seems they had reversed the email address so all is OK now.

I went to my Bible Study this morning and then home. I rearranged my furniture after having moved it during Christmas for the tree. I arranged my house plants and did some vacuuming.

I dumped another 1.1 inches of rain out of the rain gauge. We are really tired of the cold damp rainy weather. When is the sun gonna shine?

I will be watching a Doris Day Western in a few minutes. Off to make a cup of tea and settle down on the sofa.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

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