January 28, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

There was a little snow on the ground this morning. I took Sparky out and he enjoyed walking in the snow. It's a good thing it wasn't any deeper, he would have scooped the snow in his face with the cone. I made an appointment with my vet for his physical exam. It is required as part of the adoption agreement. Maybe they will say I can take the cone off. I have his medical records from the shelter and we'll see what else he needs. Probably Lyme disease shot, ticks will be out in March and it takes a couple weeks for the shot to take effect. I also called and confirmed his chip registration.

I called my friend, Dottie. She'll be coming down tomorrow. She has a trailer at a resort near me and the storm in June brought a tree down on her roof. She had a temporary repair and it didn't hold up. Her sone found the roof leaking so she's going down to take a look.

I tried calling Ted's mother but got a busy signal all day. Once the call started ringing but there was terrible static. I called her grand daughter and she said an ice storm brought down some wires. I think Phylis has her phone through the cable company so it's possible the cable line came down. I think she has a cell phone but I don't know the number. It may be in my computer that's not working.

It will be a busy day tomorrow. I have exercise class and the church secretary called and asked me to help fold the newsletter. Dottie is coming and I have Choral Society tomorrow night. I don't like leaving Sparky for too long. I have to take him outside often so he won't have an accident in the house. He had one tonight. He was running around the kitchen and I thought it was because he smelled my soup cooking. It may have been that he had to go. I better get him out before we got to bed.

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Posted by tedkarol at January 28, 2013 9:52 PM

Hi Karol, I dropped the cable as they didn't give me any of my local stations that I liked. I am now with ATT and it seemed the some squirrels got into a box up the street and did quite a bit of damage. The repair man calls them rats with bushey tails.
Today is foggy in the high 40s but to turn cold tonignt and back into the 20s with more snow. We did have apx. a foot but most of it has melted with the warm temperature. Closer to Lake Mich. they had 2 feet or more.
Enjoy your new dog. Am sure he will keep you busy until he gets settled in.


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