December 26, 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Up early again. Sorting out my presents and finding I gave my niece my book and I have the one I got for her. They were written and autographed by a local authur and the one I gave Cheryl said, "To Karol...." She must have thought I re-gifted her. I had to go to the church and make out the deposit, then to the library to drop off my DVD, then to the bank to make the deposit and get the envelopes to take back to the church, next to my niece's to swap our books. They are both anxious to read about a mystery that takes place in Chesapeake City by David who works at the library. Me, too. Then it was back to the church to take the envelopes and receipts back.

Home again to walk Sparky and have some lunch. My good friend, Phyllis called. It was good to hear from her. We had hoped to get together for lunch but I have the rental car and am not thrilled about driving on the Interstate with it. We keep up on each other's blogs. Phyllis and her husband, Len invited Ted and I to share his last Christmas with them when Ted was not feeling well enough to travel to my neice, Tina's. They also helped me when my hot water heated ruptured when I bought this mobile home. They have been wonderful friends.

My neighbor, John and his cousin are going to work on my car and get it running well enough for me to take it to the dealer to trade it in. I am so grateful. I am in tears over how helpful my friends have been to me.

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