February 5, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I looked out on the deck this morning and it was wet so I ventured out with Sparky. It was raining but a glaze of ice was on the steps, walkways and driveway. As I was walking past the driveway, I noticed the moon roof on the car was open. I wondered how that happened. I opened the car door and turned on the car as Sparky whined impatiently. I couldn't find the switch to close it. I got out the manual but didn't have my reading glasses with me. (I'll have to keep a pair in the car.) Even after looking at the manual, I couldn't find where in the world the switch was. It was not where it was in my old car. I got out and put Sparky in the back seat as he was getting wet in the rain. I got out another book that was with my manual and saw the switch was in between the interior lights. Then I remembered I had turned on the interior lights last night and heard a noise as if a window was closing. I thought "That's weird." and didn't give it another thought. I closed the moon roof and opened the sunshade. It did not seem to be wet but the top of the sun shade probably is. I'll have to open the moon roof when it gets sunny and warm out so it can dry. I hate when they change things around on cars. It is the same make and model as my old car. Why do they have to move things around so you have to consult the manual to figure out how to find the controls. Good Grief!

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