August 8, 2014

Friday Flower Bloggin'


My hydrangea's did well this year but they are supposed to be blue. They look pretty in pink but I can't seem to put enough Hollytone on them to make them blue. Ever since I had my concrete driveway put in, they have turned pink. I think lime leaches out of the concrete into the flowerbed.

My friend, Marlene came over this morning and helped me paint my deck. The man came to powerwash it on Wednesday. I thought he wasn't going to come for such a small job. I had my colonoscopy done Wednesday morning so I rested in the afternoon. The anesthesia made me sleepy. All went well with it.

Yesterday, I worked at the church office and I also worked there this morning.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

Posted by tedkarol at August 8, 2014 8:37 PM
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