August 13, 2014

We had lots of rain yesterday. It started a drizzle in the morning and then it poured and poured all day. It changed from pouring hard to pouring harder. For a while, it was as my friend Marge puts it, "A real toad stabber."

When it let up slightly, I donned Sparky and myself in our raincoats and ventured out into the rain. He got soaked because he would shake and his raincoat would blow up toward his head and his back would get wet.

During the toad stabber, the rain came gushing off the roof where the gable is and shot out past the rain barrel. The rain barrel was already overflowing after the first five minutes of when the rain started.

I was able to do my work at the church and go to the CCEA with my food donation. I browed around the thrift store and got 3 pair of jeans and two king size pillow cases. They are hard to find. Even some king size sheet sets have regular size pillow cases. I got a couple really nice sheets from them at their spring yard sale but no pillow cases to go with them. They either didn't have them at the time or I didn't see them. Anyway, I washed them yesterday and have changed the sheets today. The bottom sheet is red, white, and blue stripe and the top sheet is navy. The pillow cases are navy. My walls are neutral so I can us any color for my bed.

got a lot of my ironing done during the afternoon.

News from the Vorlon Wife.

Posted by tedkarol at August 13, 2014 7:40 AM
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