May 15, 2004

A Kerry Presidency

I predict that if John Kerry becomes president, Iraq will turn INTO Vietnam. Kerry believes that Vietnam was a mistake and he seems to believe that Iraq is a mistake – although you can never be COMPLETELY sure WHAT Kerry believes.

Since Kerry has only Vietnam as a model, I would expect him to make the same mistakes made in Vietnam.

Bush appears to be a delegator and he appears to push decisions down to the lowest level. That came right out of the Harvard School of Management.

I would expect Kerry to be one of those micromanagers – like Jimmy Carter. Kerry has no management training or experience. Further, I would expect him to vacillate and be a poor decision maker. He wants too much to have it both ways. Either way I would expect him to be a weak leader and US foreign policy would meander.

We would be well liked in the world and without respect.

Fortunately, I expect Bush to win.

Posted by Ted at May 15, 2004 3:35 PM